Having been in Senior Executive roles for heavy hitting brands like Liz Claiborne, Seven for All Mankind, Paige, as well as executive roles at The Hudson Bay Company, Trent MacLean is a strategist whose seasoned hand has guided start-ups, turnarounds and fast growth businesses toward success.

Contrary to the self-important fashion industry, MacLean is an understated and humble force whose insight has led both public and privately held companies forward with a clear focus toward enhancing long-term brand equity. His reach goes beyond his recurring ‘President’ title. He has launched, re-launched and integrated high profile brands, established and leveraged international distribution networks, crafted complex business plans, identified and trained first-rate talent, and strategically prepared businesses for executing exit strategies.

“The key to solid brand stewardship is to enjoy the behind the scenes work, the day to day,” explains MacLean. “My strength lies in building strong teams and keeping that team focused on what is commercial and, ultimately, profitable. Timing and luck play a huge role, too – as in any industry.”

After a heralded 30-year plus career guiding businesses, MacLean has shifted his focus to taking apparel and accessory businesses to the next level.  He also assesses companies looking for investors or buyers on behalf of investment bankers.

A Canadian by birth, MacLean’s colleagues describe him as exuding the values and integrity of a time when people reliably made good on a handshake and relied on their reputation. Since leaving his roots to work in the U.S., this executive has thoughtfully guided many complex organizations, as they do business both nationally and internationally. MacLean is also a guest lecturer at the UCLA Anderson School of Management.